What is staff benefit and why is it essential?

Staff benefit is a non-wage compensation provided to employees by their employer in addition to their regular salary. These benefits can range from flexible working hours, commuting schemes through to dental care or pension schemes. Employee benefits are designed to help promote employee well-being and satisfaction in their job. Offering these shows that the company cares. Staff benefits are beneficial to both the employees and employers. 

Providing staff with benefits may cut down on their weekly spending and help them save money. For example, commuting schemes can cut costs for employees significantly. With the staff benefit, employees can save money on travel expenses and use that money on something else such as healthcare.

Offering employees with benefits helps build a strong cooperative relationship. It shows employees that their employers are invested in their overall health and their well-being. It helps boost employee’s morale and productivity. With staff morale increased, employees will be motivated to work harder and to the best of their ability. This will lead to dedicated workers which will help create a strong foundation for your business. Providing benefits to employees helps build loyalty, trust, focus and attendance.  Trust and loyalty between staff and employers will lead to higher productivity levels.

Providing benefits can also help your company stand out from competitors that do not provide or have similar employee benefits. When an organisation provides company benefits, it will help with recruitment as it may attract new staff and allows them to retain the best employees. Even if another employer is offering an employee a higher salary, the employee may turn down the job if they don’t offer the same or better benefits to them. The employee might see themselves more out of pocket each month. Employees offered staff benefits, will be more satisfied at their job and will be reluctant to leave.

Is staff benefit essential?