About FSO 365 – Fearless Staff Opinion Franchise


FSO 365 both side benefit for the company & employees. FSO 365 mission is to provide quality service for CEO s keep their workforce happy while optimizing financial well-being for the company.


Why FSO 365 franchise? Because its Global and targeting big company’s around the world!

What FSO 365 does:

Fearless Staff Opinion (FSO 365) – Employee’s engagement programme that benefits both Company and company staff. FSO 365 believe that benefits should be made not just for employees, but for the company as well and FSO 365 know how to do it. FSO 365 benefit will help empower communications and engagement between company and staff working for them.

Happy staff, successful BUSINESS!


How FSO 365 works:

FSO 356 want company staff to feel they can speak up, express their concerns, and be heard. To this end, we’ve introduced a staff benefit scheme for everyone. Employees express their concerns to FSO 365 via email in a climate of directness. Using this real-time data, FSO 365 can help to avoid a conflict before it escalates and encourage helpful innovation.

Nowadays, companies hire a wide range of people, often located remotely. FSO 365 services are a perfect fit to serve all of these needs.


How much does FSO 365 franchise cost?

FSO 365 has the franchise fee of up to $39,950, with total initial investment range of $151,840 to $258,280.

Initial investments: $151,840 – $258,280
Net-worth Requirement: $350,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $80,000 – $120,000


Initial Franchise Fee: $39,950
Ongoing Royalty Fee: Varies


On-The-Job Training: 80 hours
Classroom Training: 80 hours
Additional Training: Via webinar
Number of Employees Required to Run: 3 – 4



FSO 365 Testimonials:


Since weve been using FSO, our internal communication transformed a lot. I have to say, it was a good idea to integrate the FSO service.

Our business became a lot more dynamic, competitive and it improved efficiency. FSO is a very comprehensive service which we are using every day. Im delighted and, what is more important to me, our employees are much happier since we signed for FSO.

I would 100% recommend FSO

Maria Hennesy, Staff Manager, Eurolit Trading


We truly feel the value of the service. Its just what we wanted to improve our internal communication. It is simple to use, easy to implement. It offers everything we need. We are more than satisfied with the service.

We would highly recommend them!

John Brown, Co-founder, Zenith Business Center, Florida, US


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