Right Solution Centre is an established, well respected and sought-after bookkeeping and accountancy firm, experienced in all manner of returns, company formation and secretarial services, in a multitude of languages, including English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, German and Spanish.

Business registration is a difficult and time-consuming process. Filling complicated forms and dealing with government departments takes time and very often can cause unnecessary and unwanted stress.

Right Solution Centre offers a simplified and easy to use online form for business registration. All you need is to follow the steps is the form, fill requested information and our professional team will take from here. No matter what type of business structure you decide to register we will take the registration hassle, complete necessary procedures, and prepare paperwork on a top level so it would meet all legal requirements.

No matter where you reside our experienced multilingual team of professionals can help you to start business in Ireland.

We also offer a wide range of additional services to support your new business such as registered office address service, company secretary service, administration, book-keeping and more.

Our mission is to help you succeed and move forward to the future with confidence.


Ready to register your new company?

Here’s everything you need to know…

When it comes to starting and registering a business, our online application process makes it simple.

When registering a business, you’ll only need a few details to hand. Our online application wizard will make it a breeze and guide you through the registration process, from starting a business to registering your company name and forming a limited company. Here’s a quick look at what you need to register a limited company in Ireland:

  • Unique company name
  • Registered office address (it is mandatory in Ireland to have an Irish registered office address, if you don’t have one you can opt for our registered office address service)
  • Director and secretary information — The names, nationalities, dates of birth, occupations, residential addresses of each of your directors and secretary.
  • Shareholders/share information — The names of each of your shareholders, along with the number of shares held and the value of those shares.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to visit Ireland to register my new Irish company?

No. You can officially register your Irish limited company any place in the world. Right Solution Centre will take all the steps to incorporate your company following legal guidelines.

What are the basic requirements to register a company in Ireland?

Your company should have at least one director, one shareholder and a secretary aged over 16. The same person can be both a director and a shareholder. But it must have a separate secretary where the company is a single director company. One of the directors is required to be resident in a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA).

How does the process of company registration work?

We can help register your company quickly and easily from wherever you are using our online company registration system. You don’t need to sign any paperwork or even be physically present. The registration process is entirely online.

If you are thinking to set-up a business we will advise you on the most efficient and suitable company structure, help with a business plans, financial modeling, cash forecasting and will ensure that you meet all the taxation and legal criteria required by Irish company law.

Our business set-up service includes:

  • Business advisory
  • Company registration (Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Company)
  • Tax registrations
  • Business name registration

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