Relocating your Business to Ireland following Brexit

If you have a business in the UK you should be aware that the transition period is nearing down and will conclude on 31st December 2020. The UK will leave European Union regardless of whether a trade deal is reached or not.

For many UK businesses, having an Irish registered company is an ideal solution to maintain operations and trade within the EU. Keeping your EU trade in a separate Irish Based entity would help manage business and commercial risks and have certain advantages including:

  • Ireland is only native English-speaking country in the EU and the similarities in how we do business allows us to provide a comparable business environment
  • The Euro currency means there are no exchange fees when dealing across the majority of EU countries
  • Ireland is the ideal country for foreign direct investment and an attractive market for a business aiming to establish an EU presence.

The business in Ireland can be carried on through a branch, an Irish subsidiary, or an Irish standalone company.

We can help you in incorporation of an Irish company or if you already have an Irish company with a UK resident Director/s we can assist you in adding an EEA resident director or implement other required actions.

We can also assist with other essential services for your business including setting up a Corporate Bank Account, Corporate Tax, and VAT Registrations.

If you have questions about relocating your business to Ireland and meeting company compliance requirements or if you would like information about forming an Irish Company as part of your Brexit strategy, please contact us.