Do you need an Irish Address when registering a Limited Company in Ireland?

You are legally required to have an Irish registered office address when registering your Limited Company in Ireland. All your company’s legal notices and correspondence from the CRO will be sent to this address; inspectors are entitled to visit your company’s registered office to inspect certain registrars and company documents.

  • Registered Office address must be a physical location with an actual address, and it cannot be a P.O. box.
  • This address will be shown on the CRO website and available to the public.
  • CRO, Revenue and the public have the right to visit this address.
  • This address should be displayed on all business letterheads of the company.

If you are an Irish resident, it is perfectly acceptable to use your home address as your company’s registered office. If you currently do not have an office for your company in Ireland, you can contact us for our Company Registered Office Address service details.


Business Address, Trading Address and Registered Company Office Address

As mentioned above Registered Company Office Address is the official address of your business where all official documents are served.

Your Business Address is where the day-to-day running of your company takes place, it is also known as your Business Trading Address. If you are a Sole Trader and Limited Companies are required to have a trading address.


Our Service

We are currently offering Registered Company Office address and/or Business address services. This service is ideal for clients who do not have a physical presence or a place of business in Ireland or those who use a residential address for the administration of the business and wish to keep it private.

Please contact us for more information.