In Budget 2021, the Government announced a new COVID Restrictions Business Support Scheme (CRSS) to help businesses.  The CRSS provides targeted support to businesses forced to close or whose trade has been significantly reduced as a result of restrictions imposed on them in response to COVID-19.

Qualifying businesses can apply to Revenue for a cash payment of up to €5,000 a week.

The scheme runs from 13 October 2020 until 31 March 2021.


CRSS is available to businesses that carry on a trade or trading activities from a business premises. This includes companies, self-employed individuals and partnerships.

To be eligible for business support you must meet the following conditions and be able to demonstrate those when Revenue will require them:

  • The premises must be located fully within the region for which COVID-19 restrictions are in place.
  • Your business premises must be either closed to customers or substantially restricted in operating due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • You must self-declare to Revenue that because of the COVID-19 restrictions, turnover for the restricted period is disrupted by 75% compared to 2019 levels.
  • You must have complied with all VAT registration and return obligations.
  • You must hold a valid Tax Clearance Certificate issued by Revenue.
  • You must intend to reopen once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.


The weekly business support payment will be calculated by reference to the average weekly turnover for 2019 in respect of the relevant business activity as follows:

  • 10% of average weekly turnover in 2019 up to €20,000
  • 5% of average weekly turnover in 2019 more than €20,000 and
  • subject to a maximum weekly payment of €5,000

If you operate more than one business premises that are impacted, you can make a claim in respect of each premises.

If your business is newly established and was set up between 26 December 2019 and 12 October 2020, the claim will be based on your actual weekly average turnover in the period between the start–up date and 12 October 2020.

Restart week payment

Businesses can claim for an additional one-week payment to help you reopen after a period of COVID-19 restrictions lasting 3 weeks or more.The payment:

  • Can be claimed at the end of the restriction period
  • Will be paid to businesses the week after the restrictions are lifted


There is a 2-step process to make a claim under the CRSS.

  1. You must register for the CRSS through Revenue’s Online Service (ROS). You need to give details such as the business location and the average weekly turnover for 2019 (or 2020 if your business started trading on or after 26 December 2019).
  2. You must complete a CRSS claim for a claim period(s). The claim period is the period during which the qualifying COVID-19 the restrictions are in place. Since 17 November 2020, you can make your claim through the claims portal for CRSS, which is available through the eRepayments system on ROS.

Once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, payments for CRSS will stop. If a restriction period is extended beyond the date it was due to expire, you will need to make a new claim for each extension period.

For further information on the CRSS scheme, eligibility and assistance with claims and business support please contact us on or +353 (21) 7011255.