Use our online VAT calculator to save yourself time and effort when calculating your VAT. Whether you’re adding VAT to your goods and services or calculating the amount of VAT you need to pay.

Our online VAT calculator allows you to calculate the amount of VAT charged. You can calculate the VAT on a net total or even VAT charged within the price. You simply type in the amount you want to check, choose if the VAT is inclusive or exclusive, enter your VAT rate and click ‘calculate’. It’s that easy.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that is paid on most goods and services at every stage of production and distribution. There are different VAT rates in Ireland for different types of goods or services.

The standard VAT rate is 23%.

All goods and services that do not fall into the reduced rate categories are charged at the standard rate. This includes alcohol, car parts and accessories, computers,cosmetics, hardware, jewelry, etc.

13.5% is the reduced rate of VAT.

This rate covers tourism-related activities including restaurants, hotels, cinemas and hairdressing. Building services and photography also fit into the bracket for this rate.

9% is a second reduced rate of VAT.

It is a special rate for newspapers and sporting facilities. This also includes e-books and electronically supplied newspapers.

4.8% is the livestock rate of VAT.

Special rate for agriculture. It applies to livestock (excluding chickens), greyhounds and the hire of horses.

0% (Zero) VAT.

On all exports, tea,coffee, milk, bread, books, childrens clothes and childrens shoes, oral medicine for humans or animals.


There is no VAT on certain financial, medical or educational providers.

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